2020-21 Distance Learning Resources

VUSD Distance Learning Call Center

We have implemented a Distance Learning Call Center.  This Call Center can assist with your distance learning questions about Canvas, Seesaw, Google Classroom, etc. when school begins.  Please contact them at the following numbers if you need help, and your teacher cannot assist.  They are open Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:30 pm.

English- 805-641-5000 x1380

Spanish- 805-641-5000 x 1390

VUSD Technology Services Helplines

We have implemented a helpline for families with questions about devices, Wi-Fi, Q Connect, etc. Please choose one way to reach out to us (email or call).  Please leave your first and last name, site your child attends, description of the problem/question, and a call back number or email address where you can be reached.

Family/Student Helpline- (805) 641-5000 x1450 or vusdparenthelp@venturausd.org


Helpful Info & Links

  • Need your venturaedu.org or Q login info? Call the FTHS office at (805) 289-0023, press "0". 
  • Having trouble joining a Zoom class? Watch this quick video to make sure you are properly authenticated. 
  • Zoom Codes: If you need a Zoom code, please check with your teacher or call the front office at (805) 289-0023 and press "0".
  • Devices: If you NEED a device and DID NOT already request one, please email Mrs. Duffy at darcy.duffy@venturausd.org to request one and get pick-up instructions.
  • Logins: Need your @venturaedu.org email or Q login info? Call the FTHS office at (805) 289-0023, press "0".


Q Connect & Parent Square

Our Q Connect system has been transferred from VUSD to the Ventura County Office of Education. Q Student and Parent Connect web addresses have changed, so if this is something you have bookmarked on your device, please update them. They are now:

Q Student Connect- https://venturausd.vcoe.org/studentconnect/

Q Parent Connect- https://venturausd.vcoe.org/parentconnect/

Q Student Connect passwords have not changed this year, but we realize some students do not remember them, so your student’s pin and password will be given out during device/supply distribution at your school site. Parents, there is a “Need your Login Information?” link on the login page for Q Parent Connect, please use that if you do not remember your pin or password. If you continue to have issues, please contact your school first.

Parent Square

Parents - make sure you're receiving school and district emails/texts through Parent Square! If you're not, please sign up at www.parentsquare.com with your phone or email address listed in Q Parent Connect. Contact the school office if you need help at (805) 289-0023.