Foothill Technology High School

  •     We leverage digital tools to support student and staff independence, flexibility and capability.
  •     We create relevant learning opportunities to prepare students to adapt to a rapidly changing world.
  •     We promote cost-efficient technology in a paperless and cloud-based environment when appropriate.

Foothill staff and administration are committed to using technology tools to create flexible, independent and capable learners. We have four computer labs, a growing inventory of iPads, 1:1 Chromebooks and campus-wide wireless access for students and staff. Students are welcome to bring their own mobile devices or laptops to school for use under our BYOD (Bring your own device) philosophy. 


College & Career Seminar via Computer Literacy

Every new student to Foothill takes a yearlong technology class called College & Career Seminar via Computer Literacy. After completing C3, students who are interested in applying technology creatively can choose to enroll in Web Design, Digital Art and Design, Digital Animation, Digital Photography and Filmmaking, or Online Journalism.


Question: What type of mobile technology is best for my student to bring to Foothill?

Foothill students and staff enjoy high-speed wireless access throughout campus on FTHS and VUSD devices. Students may use their district issued Chromebooks which will meet all of their needs. If they prefer to use a personal device they may and may connect to our guest WiFi.