Bioscience Academy

The Bioscience Academy was established in 2003 with a Specialized School Program grant from the State of California. These funds allowed the development of a three year program that provides students, who are interested in preparing for a career in medicine or biotechnology, access to advanced coursework, lab skills, leadership experience, and career exposure.

Entrance to the Academy is competitive and is based on academic performance, teacher recommendations and four student admission essays during the spring of freshman year. Students who are accepted to the program typically are strong in the math and sciences and clearly indicate an interest in a future in the sciences. 


  • 10th Grade: Bioscience Survey (held at FIRE) and Chemistry (CP or Honors)
  • 11th Grade: Medical Technology H and Physiology Honors
  • 12th Grade: Biotechnology H and Physics (AP or CP)

Application window is OPEN NOW!

There is a Two Part AppCommon Application for all programs.

Part 1 is due 3PM, Feb 19th
* Part 1 Application is for Bioscience, Dtech, Journalism, ASB, Yearbook, AVID
** Students will be required to rank order of preference, if applying for multiple programs
*** Grade transcript or screenshot of Semester 1 grades will be required, so students may want to wait until grades are available before completing this portion.

Part 2 Bioscience-Specific Application is due 6PM, Feb 19th
* Part 2 Application code will be given at the MANDATORY interest meeting at lunch, Thursday 1/30 or Friday 1/31 in E104, Mrs. Anderson's Room.
** There will be four essays students must write as part of their application process. These essays are extremely important in the selection process

For more information, please visit: FTHS Bioscience Academy website 
 Bioscience Director: Mika Anderson at

"Never in my life had I considered the possibility that I could become a doctor. Nearly 10 years later, I am a third-year medical student with plans on entering the field of Emergency Medicine."
Bryan Fregoso - University of Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine

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