D-Tech Academy

Coordinator: Mr. Kurt Miller, Room I-105, kurt.miller@venturausd.org or 805-289-0023 ext. 2605

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DTech (design, technology, entrepreneurship) Incorporated is a "pathway" program at Foothill Technology High School in Ventura, California that specializes in design, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to transform students into designers with the skills to produce quality products and sell them on and off campus.

Students in the program take several courses in the academy pathway. Grade 9 students in College and Career Seminar via Computer Literacy learn about different career paths while developing basic computer skills and coding. In the spring, students interested in DTech apply by submitting creating an object with "found materials", market their object and complete an online application. Once admitted, students take DTech Survey in their sophomore year where they learn prototyping skills in CAD, 3D printing, CNC / CAM, electronics, and laser cutting. During the second semester, students in DTech Survey compete in the Aspire business pitch competition. After sophomore year, students will specialize in design by taking AP 2D Art  and in coding by enrolling in Honors Structured Programming. All students are encouraged to take both courses. At the end of the DTech pathway is our Honors Entrepreneurship and Innovation Capstone course. In this capstone course, students combine all of their acquired skills and become entrepreneurs. 

Check out the DTech application presentation.