DTech Academy

Coordinator: Mr. Kurt Miller, Room I-105, kurt.miller@venturausd.org or 805-289-0023 ext. 2605

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DTech is a Career Technical Education "pathway" program at Foothill Technology High School in Ventura, California that specializes in design, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to transform students into designers with the skills to produce quality products and sell them on and off campus. The profit from sales is used to sustain the program, pay student interns, and donations to nonprofits.

Students in the program take several courses in the academy pathway. In the spring of 9th grade, students interested in DTech apply by submitting a two part application. Part I is a “common application” shared by many special programs at FTHS. Part II varies from year to year and is specific to the DTech program. Part II typically involves the creation of a 3D object. 

Once admitted, students take the “CTE Concentrator: DTech Survey” course in their sophomore year where they learn prototyping skills in CAD, 3D printing, CNC / CAM, electronics, graphic design, and laser cutting. After sophomore year, students will specialize in design by enrolling in “Digital Media and Design Honors.” At the end of the DTech pathway is our Design Studio DTech Capstone course. In this capstone course, students combine all of their acquired skills to become entrepreneurs who make and sell products and services using retail and e-commerce outlets. 

DTech students also have the opportunity to become both unpaid and paid interns for the program after completing service hours and several job interviews.

Check out the DTech application presentation.