What FIRE Is

Providing support opportunities to 100% of Foothill students throughout the year, FIRE ( Foothill Intervention, Reinforcement and Enrichment ) is a 30-minute, mid-day advisory period scheduled weekly Tuesday through Friday.  All grade 9 students are enrolled in the advisory period. New grade 10, 11, or 12 students may "opt in" at any time.  Parents may request that their grade 10, 11 or 12 student be assigned a FIRE class at any time to support educational goals.

Why FIRE Is Important

FIRE provides a structured environment in which new Foothill students connect with teachers, experienced student "mentors" AKA FIRE Crew  and each other; learn about Foothill's programs, procedures and traditions; and receive academic and social support as they transition into the rigorous academic environment at Foothill Technology High School.  During the FIRE period, students from all grades are invited to meet with teachers, use the labs, complete make up work or work on group projects.

Where FIRE Fits In

The advisory period is embedded in our schedule during a 30-minute time slot immediately preceding lunch (11:25-11:55). Students enrolled in FIRE have a traditional 30-minute lunch following dismissal from the advisory period.  Students not enrolled in FIRE have an extended lunch period, allowing students with off-campus privileges to safely leave and return to campus.  The split lunch schedule relieves crowding in the cafeteria and in on-campus dining areas.

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Mrs. Conni Carr, Room D104  

805-289-0023 ext. 2104

To Enroll Grades 10, 11 or 12:
Mr. Steve Boyd, Counselor
Ms. Debbie Freeman, Counselor
Ms. Juana Vega, Counselor

Incoming Student Orientation - Classof2022 - Unchangco
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IMAGE: FIRE Crew leaders in front of Foothill Technology High School