The GRAFX career pathway explores the work of digital media arts and communication.  If you have a passion for art & design and want to develop skills that will allow for a career in the field then this pathway is for you. 

The GraFx Pathway uses the Adobe Creative Suite for: design, layout, photography, video editing and special effects compositing. Cinema 4D is used for 3D motion graphics and special effects.  Students will develop their design skills while producing a portfolio of work.

No application required, CTE skills developed. 


10th grade: Intro. Digital Media and Communication

11th grade: AP 2D Art

12th grade: Advance Digital Media and Communication

Adv. DMAC is designed to further meld fine-art, design, creative thinking and problem solving together into real world production.  Adv. DMAC students will continue what was started in DMAC; creating artwork and design that is usable and visible throughout campus and within the community.  DMAC and Adv. DMAC Is designed to allow each student to use their creativity and design knowledge to produce work that showcases these skills.  

For more information:

If you have questions, please reach out to: Cameron Crouch at or 805 289-0023 x2404