FIRE Program Information

About FIRE Freshman Advisory (link to web page)

FIRE provides a structured environment in which new Foothill students connect with teachers, experienced student "mentors" AKA FIRE Crew and each other; learn about Foothill's programs, procedures and traditions; and receive academic and social support as they transition into the rigorous academic environment at Foothill Technology High School.  During the FIRE period, students from all grades are invited to meet with teachers, use the labs, complete make up work or work on group projects.

About FIRE Crew Leaders (link to web page)

FIRE ( Foothill Reinforcement, Intervention and Enrichment ) promotes a safe-school environment and an atmosphere of peer support as we recruit junior and senior students to participate as student mentors during the FIRE advisory period. These "FIRE Crew" leaders receive training in organizational strategies, leadership skills and peer interaction.

FIRE Activity Blog (link to blog)

The blog is used to post weekly activities planned during the FIRE advisory as well as training information for current FIRE Crew leaders. The blog is available for view to the general public as we encourage transparency about our activities and goals for the advisory program.

Peer Leaders 1 Online Course (link to web page)

Since Fall 2020-2021, we have offered an online course for FIRE Crew leaders and other students participating in mentoring or tutoring programs on campus. Interested students may register via their counselor. Course hours are completed via activities online while community service hours are earned for actual hands-on service time.

Interested students, see Mrs. Carr in D104 for Google Classroom join code.

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