College & Career, Computer Science @ FTHS

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Welcome, Foothill Dragons! I am an accidental computer scientist and enthusiastic educator.  It is my goal to make computer applications & programming accessible to all students. Hands-on practice is my mantra. Join me on this awesome journey and feel free to unleash your inner geek.

I have been teaching and learning as a Foothill Dragon since 2000. I can think of no better place to spend my days than here with my students and colleagues.

Conni Carr Ne McIntyre - Original Dragon



Office Hours
FIRE Advisory D104, 11:25-11:55
Online Hours ToBeDetermined

Important Information

Period 1 Honors Object-Oriented Programming (year 2)
Period 2 College & Career Seminar via Computer Literacy (intro)
Period 3 Structured & Honors Structured Programming (year 1)
Period 4 Coordinator - FIRE Advisory and Cod.esign Pathway
Period 5 Prep Period
Period 6 College & Career Seminar via Computer Literacy (intro)
Period 7 College & Career Seminar via Computer Literacy (intro)

Async Online Peer Leaders (FIRE Crew and mentors)

Robotics & CREATESpace (in G Pod)