Mr. Jason Dinkler

Below you can find links to my schedule and important contact information along with detailed agendas and websites for the courses that I teach. This year we will be using canvas to submit assignments and to access the daily lessons online. Please feel free to contact me using my email if you have any questions.  


Classroom:  F-104

(805) 289-0023 ext. 2304

Sophomore Honors English:  Periods 1, 3, 4 and 5

Sophomore College Prep English:  Period 2

Cross Country Semester One:  Period 7

Track and Field Semester Two:  Period 7

Important Information

Period 1: English 10 Honors

Period 2: English 10

Period 3: English 10 Honors

Period 4: English 10 Honors


Period 5: English 10 Honors

Period 6: PREP

Period 7: CAP/Athletics

Classroom Information

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