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Mr. Boyd:  (A-Go)

Mr. Boyd, has been at Foothill since the beginning and is considered one of the founding fathers of Foothill Technology.

Mr. Boyd has been a high school counselor for the past 26 years and uses this experience to address parent and student concerns.

His son graduated from Foothill in 2009 and his daughter in 2011.

Phone: 289-0023, ext. 1011

Ms. Napora:  (Gp-Pan)

Prior to becoming a school counselor 15 years ago, Ms. Napora was a science teacher in the Bay area and in San Diego. 

Besides having a passion to help students, she’s also an animal enthusiast and volunteers at the animal shelter on the weekends.  In her free time, she enjoys camping, mountain biking and hiking with therapy dog Odin. 

Napora’s Virtual Office

Leave a message on Google Voice 949-391-3208 

Set a time for a video conference here.

Phone: 289-0023, ext. 1013

Mrs. Vega: (Pao-Z)  

Mrs. Vega has worked at Foothill for  the past 6 years.

Previously, she worked at De Anza Middle School for 4 years, and for 5 years at Oxnard College before that.

She loves working with students and is always ready to greet you with a smile.

Phone: 289-0023, ext. 1014

Mr. Greg Jordan, SAP Counselor (Student Assistance Program)

SAP counselors are school counselors who focus on supporting students' social and emotional needs in the school setting according to the professional standards and competencies outlined by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA).

Mr. Jordan is beginning the 20/21 school year as a SAP Counselor at El Camino and Foothill Technology High Schools after serving as VUSD's SAP Counselor at the middle school level, and as an elementary school counselor the previous 4 years. Mr. Jordan is a PPS credentialed school counselor and an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, registered in the State of California, APCC #6065.

Please find more info about SAP services and resources on Mr. Jordan's website.

Phone: 805-641-5000, ext. 2908


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