Yearbook Class Instructor: Mr. Justin Frazier, Room D105,
Yearbook Business Advisor: Mrs. Conni Carr, Room D104,

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Early Pre-Orders due Sept. 30, 2019
Regular Pre-Orders due Jan. 21, 2020
Late Pre-Orders due May 18, 2020
Final Purchases begin May 29, 2020

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Did YOU order a 2019-2020 yearbook?

Seniors Only Distribution
May 28, 2020, 11:25 - 12:20

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May 29, 2020, 11:25 - 12:20

Any remaining books will be on-sale in the Student Store for $ 75 on a first come, first served basis  starting at 11:25 on 5/29

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FAQs - The Answers

Image of Mr. Frazier speaking into headset microphone

This is a student-run publication.

  • Orders are accepted in Student Store with cash or check.
  • Orders are accepted online at Jostens with credit card.
  • We order 650 yearbooks.
  • We sell first come, first served.
  • Early bird pricing reflects cost.
  • Names are printed on early and regular order books only. Cost is included.
  • Personalization due by January deadline.

Join Yearbook Staff

Image of past yearbook staff members

Mr. Frazier holds general interest meetings prior to registration in March.

Listen to announcements or check the school bulletin for details.

For information about the Digital Publications - Yearbook class, scroll down.

About Digital Publications - Yearbook Class

Yearbook students plan, develop, market, publish and distribute the school annual. With the guidance of the course instructor (yearbook advisor, Justin Frazier), student groups participate in all aspects of yearbook development and publication.

Students have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs and in small groups to learn a wide variety of skill sets. Successful yearbook staff members are encouraged to participate in the Yearbook class for consecutive years, honing and sharing their experience as a class leader.

  • Leadership and cooperative group skills
  • Planning a book ladder and page layouts
  • Brainstorming, collecting and creating section content
  • Organization of photo opportunities for students, school clubs and organizations
  • Digital photography & graphic editing
  • Business skills – order processing, student notification
  • Marketing within peer groups
  • Creating promotional materials
  • Creating information gathering forms
  • Setting and meeting deadlines
  • Planning and following through with distribution